Whangarei's Leading Stockist of Hair Products 


Xtreme Shampoo Shop & Salon, provide a full range of professional quality hair products. When you make an investment for your hair, you want to be sure it's money well spent. The hair products provided by Xtreme Shampoo Shop in Whangarei will stand the test of time, and allow you to give yourself the very best hair treatment. 


At Xtreme Shampoo Shop, we source our products from suppliers that offer the best possible deals available for you. We pass these savings on to you, which allows your hair to shine radiantly thanks to premium grade products. Let Xtreme Shampoo Shop supply your hair products and save you money wherever possible.  


From Left: Hayley, Kuu, Angela, Kaylee, Vikki, Mikaela
  • Owner Vikki, is a retailer and stylist with 30 years of hairdressing experience
  • Kaylee is our senior stylist with 16 years hairdressing experience
  • Mikaela works for us part time, as a retail haircare specialists & Stylist support.
  • Hayley Intermediate Stylist with 6 years experiance in Hairdressing
  • Angela is a retail haircare specialist, and has just started with us.
When it comes to hair products, Xtreme Shampoo Shop offers the biggest range at the best possible prices. We provide the most desired hair products and want to give you fantastic service . Drop by, for hair products, hair care and everything you need in one place. Phone orders can also be taken.

  • Products of Xtreme Shampoo Shop & Salon

  • Products of Xtreme Shampoo Shop & Salon
  • Products of Xtreme Shampoo Shop & Salon

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